Visit our ATM at 157 Main Street. PW, NY. Our ATM is open and available to everyone in the Community.  It is open  24/hours a day and you can make deposits and withdrawals.

Our Members can no longer use their Debit Cards without a surcharge fee at any King Kullen Grocery stores.

If you are looking for a cooperating ATM visit Alliance One

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As always you can use our ATM Machine located @ 157 Main Street, 24 hours a day and never pay an ATM fee when you use your Port Washington Federal Credit Union Debit Card!! This is another benefit of being a Member.

A few facts about the Lost or Stolen Card Phone Service:

When you call the 24/7 phone number 1-800-523-4175, you will get a “live person”.
The service for both Master Card and our VISA  Card(s).

The phone assistant can find your info by first and last name and (if you remember) your card number.

Members can also block their card. This is useful if you feel someone has access to your card’s information.

If a Member needs a new VISA Card, contact us here at the

Port Washington Federal Credit Union.  Be sure to report your loss.

Our phone number is 516 883 3537.

**Banks may levy origin fees when non-Members use our ATM machine to access outside accounts. Add logos from the page